The rise of the Common People

The Lore, The Land

As the Crown of the Originee Nation we are standing as a united suv'eran community on our Sacred Lands.

Gondwanaland is the ancient place of creation, from the beginning of time, for the hue-man; the first breath, the true vital essence of humanity.

As the most ancient of earth people, we have evolved, guided by our earth mother.   We walk in collective unity, with love, kindness and in peace, respectfully rising up bringing forth our lores/laws. 

We are mighty in spirit, strong & courageous; mystic, open-minded & globally connected.




We are talking to You!  

You are the key to your power and authority.  

You are the key to your self-determination and self-governance.
You are the key to combining your spiritual essence to form into the most sacred light base of Jukurrpa (Creator);

the most supreme of all lights, known by many names.   

We are all the key to evolving our future.

We have anchored our living men & women on these lands to our Gondwanaland Suv'eran Charter & Booroo [Embassy]. 
We have brought forth our Suv'eran Charters, Private Foundations and Native Earth Claims in now-space.

The administration of Gondwana Live Life Claims & Native Earth Claims are administrated through our global administrator, the Purple Thumb Community.   We are the remedy for each other and our families.


We shall all [re]member the roots of our people.  For this is a great honour and celebration for the walk of our old people to bring this new day, a new dawn of the first sunrise to proclaim a Native Earth Claim of our sacred dreaming lands, earth ground.  Today is a new day of the new beginning for all our relations of humanity of this Heaven Earth Star we call Loomurn Burra.



Koojarra, Koojarra, Inja Koojarra

Together, together, coming/going together.

Ya Eee Koojarra Koojarra

You, me, all together, together, together

Warrinjarri wollongaree inja koojarra

One circle coming/going together

Ya Ee Koojarra, koojarra

You, me, all together


Meejarra jarra ranjgee booroo

Rise to lightning spirit earth ground


Get up, stand up, get on with it

Warrinjarri burra

One Earth

Warrinjarri romera walga

One Sun

Warrinjarri koongooloo

One Moon

Warrinjarri boogarree booroo

One dreaming earth ground/land

:Maja-Jingki: Burra

Koojarra by :Maja-Jingki: Burra

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New Way Dreaming painting by Napanangka Nelly Patterson

Senior Lore Woman & Keeper of the Sacred Waters, Uluru

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Ya, yinnee boogarree garra maaboo

Our Creation Ground-Common Ground-Creation story good


C/- Waadeeabul Post Office Box 5158

Cable Beach.  W.A.   6725.



(+61) 0499 386 288

Nyaa booroo ngai nganga [this land I speak]

Nyaa booroo nyaa ngai [this land is me]

Milligurra ngai [listen to me]

Nyaa ngulla [this way]

Ya yinnee ngulla [our way]

Maaboo Maaboo [new beginning]

Koojarra [together]

Warrinjarri [one circle]

Jurrkurrpa [Great spirit/creator/ancestor]

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