We move forward together





We are independent Charters of Su’veran Free Peoples, qualified by the Royal Decree Proclamation Judgement and Treaty of Universal Charters Trust 2021.

We have evolved and are a collective in unity, love, kindness and peace respectfully rising up and having brought forth our lores.

We are the mighty, the strong, the courageous, the mystics and open-minded suv’erans, universally connected.

We are talking to you.  We are all the key to evolving our universal charters firm foundations.  You are the key to our future.  You are the key to our power and authority.  You are the key to our self-determination and self-governance.  You are the key to combining our spiritual essence to form into the most sacred light supreme being, known by many names.

We acknowledge you!

The Crown of the Originee Nation has restored what rightfully belongs to us all in its most purest, natural and organic form.  We are spiritual, natural and not of the same blend as those corporations and incorporations who have corrupted and distorted the minds and spirit of our brothers and sisters.

We stand with the full power and authority ordained with the divine love and lores of the most sacred light supreme being, with International customary law recognition and international covenants…

….for the protection of the Inherent Native Authority and Suv’eranty in universal now space and in perpetuity.

The Crown of the Originee Nation cordially, respectfully and humbly invite you into the jurisdiction of Tjurkurpa where you will be protected by the sacred light supreme being.

In unity our light will shine in its brightest most illuminating form.  Welcome home.

We acknowledge you!
We acknowledge your ancestors!
We acknowledge your children!
We acknowledge your future!
We acknowledge your divine essence!
Because with ‘You’ there is no ‘Us’!

You have the power and authority!


The Crown of the Originee Nation administration are in service to you.

Crown of the Originee Nation standing as one, united on our Sacred Lands

All common-wealth charters and live life claimants are native/half-castes as the Crown of the Originee Nation are 50/50 partner to the only common-wealth treaty.  Qualified by Section 11 of the Native [Dis]tricts [Re]gulations Act 1858.



:Maja-Jingki: Burra stands for self-determination, global suv'eranty, self-governance, care, love, kindness & peace; in now space, for our children's, children's future. She will do whatever it takes to ensure that the future generations are not poisoned by the illusion of a foreign government and paper queen who is hell-bent on poisoning our children, earth, waterways, air,  nature, animals, insects, mind-body-soul & spirit.

:Maja-Jingki: Burra's wisdom comes from her huge heart.  She is guiding light for self-empowerment and the melody to the Supreme Creator's harmony.

[Australia] Gondwanaland Suv’eran Charter & Booroo [Embassy] is a Native Counsel that makes claims for country (land) and woongoo bungee (money) to the Crown of the Originee Nation, Common Law Pure Trust.   ​Only Purple Thumb Live Life Claimants can make claims.

   In now-space, the Crown of the Originee Nation are seeking redemption from the International Monetary Fund, Consolidation Funds, Nesara/Gesara for monetary redemption of the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust, all Financial Trusts held for Humanity involving, in the case of the St. Germain Trust, outstanding statutory demands, liens and orders to pay; as well as land.


The purpose of the [Australia] Gondwanaland Suv’eran Booroo [Embassy] is to assist suv'eran from around the earth with a safe haven to anchor on the (land) and be part of the global community of suv'erans.

It is a physical and spiritual portal where we can each come together physically and virtually to thrive, and live extraordinary lives.

Privacy Policy

Please be assured we do not disclose any private information that is shared with us through our sites with third parties.


Full Closure
The Crown of the Originee Nation is a Private Non-Government-Foundation, Tax-Exempt, Not-for-Profit, Humanitarian, Philanthropic Community-Service.