Q: Who and What does Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III care about?

A: She cares and promotes Kaitakitanga, Self-determination, Global Suv'eranty, Manaakitanga, Self-governance, Hospitality, Love, Kindness & Peace; in now space, for our children's, children's future. She is a mother and grandmother that will do whatever it takes to ensure that the future generations are not poisoned by the illusion of a foreign government and paper queen who is hell-bent on poisoning our children, whanau, waterways, air,  nature, animals, insects, whenua, mind-body-soul & spirit. 


Q. Did Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III claim to be a witch?

A. No, Turmuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III is a Tohunga. The term derives from tohu, meaning to guide or direct. Tohunga comes from an alternative meaning of tohu (sign or manifestation), so tohunga means chosen or appointed one.  The term tohunga is also used for an expert in a particular field. Atua and spirits communicate through a tohunga, who act as their medium. The tohunga would speak as the voice of IO or Spirits. Turmuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III communicates and channels with many spirits, Tupuna.

Q. How do we rise together?

  1. We all must put our animosities and ego’s aside for the betterment of our Mauri Nation and the wellbeing of our future generations, continuation, and security of our whakapapa;

  2. We must be unincorporated;

  3. We must return from being lost at sea (sea lane) and prove to be alive (live life claim), standing firmly on the Whenua as suv’eran/Tino rangatiratanga live life claimant. Only then can you make a claim;

  4. We must stand as the Rangatira, not a person/ko mate;

  5. He who creates owns;

  6. We must create our own reality & platforms and not allow others to do it for us;

  7. We must all work together to ensure a firm, solid foundation that thrives and is professional, efficient & effective, that can stand independent, loud and proud, on the world stage;

  8. This means there are positions to fulfill which requires all of us to step up;

  9. Activate your key to action bequeathed to you by the DNA of your tupuna;

  10. Bring your skills, wairua, soul, and paramount self to the table;

  11. We must be humble, come with love & kindness walking in honor for Peace;

  12. The Exodus Blueprint has been downloaded directly from the realms of IO for us to use;

  13. We are prophesized to lead the way of the people to the true light;

  14. We must correct and re-create all the records together; 

  15. The Blueprints have been laid and activated. Just waiting for you;

  16. Without You' there is no 'We,' And there is no future!


Q: Do live life claimants automatically come under the Crown of the Originee Nation as sovereign individuals protected by Te wakaputanga o te Rangatira o Nu Tireni 1820-1830?

A: Absolutely: We welcome everybody to join with us and our constitution: He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni 1820-1835 in perpetuity (unincorporated) & Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 (unincorporated). Internationally recognized. Mauri version prevails, not English. We have adopted many laws that have been amended, altered and renamed as our own private unincorporated laws, lores, Tikanga, kawa, and taonga; for example, Te Ture Whenua Mauri Mauri Land Taonga Unincorporated 2020. i.e., Preamble: Whereas the Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 established the special relationship between the Crown of the Mauri Nation and the Crown of England: And whereas it is desirable that the spirit of the exchange of kawanatanga for the protection of rangatiratanga embodied in the Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 be reaffirmed: And whereas it is desirable to recognize that land is a taonga tuku iho of special significance to Mauri and, for that reason, to promote the retention of that land in the hands of its kaitiaki, their whanau, and their hapu, and to protect wahi tapu: and to facilitate the occupation, development, and utilization of that land for the benefit of its kaitiaki, their whanau, and their hapu: And whereas it is desirable to maintain a Pa Kooti and to establish mechanisms and instruments to assist the Mauri people to achieve the implementation of these articles [principles].

Q: Why does the Live Life Claim cost $111?

A: Because the Purple Thumb Administrators must pay for your (1) registered post envelope, (2) administration, (3) IT costs, (4) volunteers, (5) time & energy for the claim & (6) research & intellectual property of the live life claims and (7) supporting documents. Not to mention that it is administered by suv'eran claimants, who are not funded in any way, shape or form. It is purely community serviced by contributions/koha only.
A: However, when the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust is returned, or the Statutory Demand for Rangihou is satisfied, or the Commercial Lien on Parramatta City Council is satisfied, all costs will be null and void.


Q: Will the Crown of the Originee Nation own you if you have a Live Life Claim?

A: No, You are in the Private. No suv'eran can impose on another suv'eran. No private can impose on another private. In actual fact, you were gifted a $1 share in the Te Whakaruru Hau Common Law Pure Trust so that you could be a beneficiary to any and all successful claims by the Crown of the Mauri Nation.
It is not a club with memberships. You are not registered in the system. You can do whatever you choose with your Live Life Claim as you are in control of your vessel, and you hold the copy-right-now-space/copy-claim.  It is the ultimate rebuttal to the birth certificate.

Q: What happens if I withdraw my Live Life Claim from the Crown of the Originee Nation?

A: Simple, you are removed from the Te Whakaruru Hau Common Law Pure Trust in perpetuity.  You are removed from the publication to do whatever you choose in the incorporated government system with your birth certificate. Live Life Claim null and void.
Births Deaths and Marriages and Relationships Registration Act 1995, Birth Certificate means person, dead, unknown, missing, of unsound mind, unable to act by virtue of a medical condition, stillborn & dead foetus. That is what you return to in their government system.

Q: What is your responsibility as a Live Life Claimant?

A: Grace, Love, Peace, Charity, Clean, Feed, Teach, [Non]combatant, [Non]belligerent, [Non]statutory, Neutral, Honourable, Clemency, Gratitude & with the correct volition by the claimant’s writ & Conveyance

Q: What happens if I am no the benefit?

A: You are the representative of the birth certificate and therefore can remain in receipt of any benefit; By [A]ccommodation Party.  Who is the By [A]ccommodation Party? It is the Live Life Claimant.  The birth was traded on the stock market with your weight in gold.  The stocks go up in price and the government draws down from your birth certificate bond to administer you. They literally feed you peanuts and use your money to build the roads and all government infrastructure.  It is your money! Do what you need to do.

Q: How do I protect my children?

A: Get a live life claim for your children.

Q: What is the Kotahitanga [u]nited Tribes Flag 1835?

A: It is a Suv'eran National Flag of Nu Tireni/Aotearoa/Aotearoha. It is not a company or corporation flag. It is not a house Flag. It is a Suv'eran Flag. Initiated by Ariki Hongi Hika in the meeting with King George IV 1820.
A: Purple Thumb Community originally utilized the US Title 4 Flag however, in November 2020, evidence found qualified that it was a fiction flag.  The US Flag was removed in perpetuity.
A: Purple Thumb Community originally utilized capitals; however in November 2020, evidence found qualified that quantum grammar and capitals was fiction.  The Capitals were removed.
A: The 'U' in United is a negative performance word therefore, we Added Kotahitanga to keep the name of the flag positive performance. This is spells on grammar imposed on us all that have taken years to correct the record. The Crown of the Mauri Nation & Purple Thumb Community did 'stop and correct' and corrected the record.
Sea Pass V1.1.0 Obsolete
Sea Pass V1.2.0 Obsolete
Sea Pass V1.2.1 Current

Q: What other claims can I obtain from the Crown of the Originee Nation?

  1. Mana Whenua Authenticatus [Land Record]

  2. Live Life Claim

  3. Ascension Heavenly Authenticatus [Death Record]

  4. Sacred Infinity Authenticatus (Marriage Record]

  5. Tribal Whangai Authenticatus [Tribal Adoption Record]

Q: What other services do the Purple Thumb Community offer?

  1. Private Foundations

  2. Charter Authenticatus

  3. Sea Pass

  4. Face Mask Exemption

  5. Exemption from Vaccination, Quarantine, PCR Test, Wearing a Face Mask, and Restricted Travel

  6. Publications

  7. Mentoring            

  8. www.purplethumbcommunity.com

Q: Why is it called the Purple Thumb Community?

  1. Because the Suv'eran Notary always has a purple thumb from notarising the claims.  Purple Ink for Royal Crown.

Q: Why do we need a Sea Lane to return to the land/Whenua?

A: It's like a highway.  Your vessel needs a sea lane, on the water to return to the lands. This process has been completed with 'Bills of Lading' by Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III on behalf of all claimants of Aotearoha 'earth of love.'  It is done! We don't need to do this again.

Q: What’s the difference between Suv’eran and Sovereign?

  1. Suv’eran is a direct connection with IO, the supreme creator known by many names; one who possesses the highest authority without control. Kings & Queens are suv’erans in their dominions; the authority of others is limited. The Creator is the suv'eran of all that he has made. ... A supreme magistrate, Lord, Lady or King, Queen;

  2. Sovereign one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty, one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere.


Q: How can the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust be released to Mauri?

A: The sacred agreement is; Mana Tangata must return to Mana Whenua, and then the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust will be released. 

A: Meaning Mauri (native - live life claim) must return from the sea (sea lane) onto the land (mana whenua) standing in their charters (embassy), and only then will the trust be returned.

A. Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 Cestui Que Vie; The act being debated was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning all men and women were declared dead, lost at sea/beyond the sea. (back then operating in Admiralty law, the law of the sea, so lost at sea). The state (London) took custody of everybody and their property into a trust. The state became the trustee/husband holding all titles to the people and property until a living man comes back to reclaim those titles; he can also claim damages. Our only way out is to reclaim your dead entity (strawman) that the Crown created, become the executor, and then collapse the called Cestui Que Vie trust and forgive yourself of your debts and then remove yourself from the admiralty law that holds you in custody. When London Burned, the subrogation of men’s and women’s rights occurred. The responsible act passed… CQV act 1666 meant all men and women of the UK were declared dead and lost beyond the seas. The state took everybody and everybody’s property into a trust. The state takes control until a living man or woman comes back and claims their titles by proving they are alive and claims for damages can be made. This is why you always need representation when involved in legal matters because you’re dead.

Birth Certificates are issued to us by the Doc. just as ships are given berth Certificates at the Dock. It’s about commerce. We come from our mother's waters. Your mother has a birth canal, just like a ship. The ship moves by the sea current just as we are able to move by the currency.

All this information relates to how the general public is still legally tied through Maritime Admiralty Law. Through this ancient legal construct, we can be easily controlled and duped. Learning about your legal fiction helps you to unlock yourself. Otherwise, you are just an empty vessel floating on the sea of commerce. Parents are tricked into registering the birth of their babies.
In about 1837, the Births, Deaths and Marriages act was formed in the UK, and the post of registrar general was established. His job was to collect all the data from the churches which held the records of birth.

Regis – from Queen or Crown. All people are seen to be in the custody of” The Crown.” This allows people to function in commerce and to accept the benefits provided by the state. We have to understand who we are as men and women and how we can relate to the system. The City of London is a center for markets, where merchants work. Then there is Mercantile Law. It comes from Admiralty Law. Look at the symbols in your City Courts that relate to Admiralty.

So where you have commerce and money, you also have “justice” and “injury.” You need to understand the bankruptcy before you can understand the judiciary. We have accepted the claim to accept the summons, yet ONLY the dead can be summoned. There is an obligation to accept any liability which has been created. 

Q: Will Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III reign over everyone and everything?

A: Kaore (No); Hei aha. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III was gifted through wairua the Rangihou (New Heaven) Blueprint, Exodus Blueprint and Kin-dom of IO on Earth Blueprint from divine intervention of IO Matua and Tupuna katoa; a calling for the people as the kaiwhatu, which means 'the one to carry it through.' So the creation was born as the Crown of the Mauri Nation over many years. The role of a Queen is not a glamorous role; she is a servant to the people and is an essential and inclusive figure of the Crown of the Mauri Nation through whakapapa.  In comparison to the English Monarch's that have assumed the role as the Queen of New Zealand (Incorporated) since 1835, over our lands, people, and inherent customary rights without whakapapa affiliation to our whenua what-so-ever.  It is the duty of Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III to stand up now for our people and correct the record, guide the way, to protect our taonga, he Tangata, he whenua and be prepared to take the falls as well as the wins for the Crown of the Mauri Nation and all taonga within. This must be done so that no other lineal Monarch can never infiltrate or hijack our lands and people ever again. The answer to the question is, the people are in control with self-determination as a Collective  Te Whare Runanga (governance), as the Crown of the Mauri Nation (unincorporated). In a Theocracy 'IO Structure', the creditors are on top, and the Tumuaki is on the bottom.  It is the complete opposite of the current structure, named a 'Democracy Structure' with the debtors are on the bottom, and HER MAJESTY QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND is on top. 


Q: Who is reigning over us now?

A: A piece of paper. An incorporated piece of paper. The name on the piece of paper is HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND SEC CIK #0000216105. 


Q: Do we want to keep the current Queen in New Zealand?

A: Well, the Queen of England vacated 1986, so she retired to her castle.  The other option is a piece of paper, Queen. If you want to keep this paper Queen, stay incorporated with a birth certificate.


Q: How is the Purple Thumb Community affiliated to the Crown of the Originee Nation?

A: It is the administrative arm for Live Life Claims, Private Foundations, and Charters (unincorporated).  The founder is Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III from the Mauri Nation


Q: Are you getting rid of Patriotism?

A: No, Our wahine really love our tane.  We rely on our Tane to guide and protect us. Women are the givers of life through childbirth.  Women are the nurturers. So for change to happen, it must be nurtured into existence. What is required is the feminine energy to rise in us all for alignment in these extraordinary times.  We rely on our tane to protect us and to guard over our taonga. The Karanga has been done.  It is a call to all divine children of IO Matua and papatuanuku.

Q: Does Crown of the Mauri Nation have a man-date from the Upper House paepae to do so if operating in their recognized jurisdiction?

A: The Crown of the Mauri Nation do not need a man-date or a date with a man or anyone else or body that is incorporated, registered with the system.

Q: What is incorporated?

A: It is an act of a body or politic of 'PERSONS' of forming or creating a corporation which is incorporated into the government system. It's a legal fiction.

Q: What is unincorporated?

A: It is a collective of 'private people' who act together for a common community enterprise, foundation, organization for a common purpose.  It is not affiliated or registered with the government system. It's not a corporation.

Q: What is PERSON?

A: It is a birth certificate, dead, deceased, corpse, fiction, legal fiction, corp-ration - dead man speaking.


Q: What does it mean to have a Charter & Private Foundation (unincorporated)?

A Charter (unincorporated) is a location (one square kilometre) for live life claimants to moor/anchor their vessel on the land, having returned on the sea lane, from being lost at sea; to be alive on the land. The Charter is a group of people who act together in a common enterprise and for a common purpose and interests, such as; lores/laws; lands, claims, governance, wellbeing, foundations, families etc. It is not registered in the government system -[It’s the opposite of a council].

The Kaitiaki (unincorporated) is the live life claimant that initiated the Charter. It is strictly a Kaitiaki role. The kaitiaki of the charter can change if the Kaitiaki has vacated the charter. The residing charter live life claimants would hold a meeting and pass special resolutions to nominate another kaitiaki for the role. The minutes would be sent to the Crown of the Originee Nation to change the record.

The Private Foundation/s (unincorporated) operate individually and collectively within the charters. A Private Foundation (unincorporated) is a community enterprise – private, philanthropic, humanitarian, community service, tax-exempt, not for profit. It is not registered in the government system - [It’s the opposite of a corporate business]. The structure of the roles will only ever be Principal, Participant, Volunteer for doing private business. 

The principal means private natural men and women who are committed to the purpose of the foundation and its associates. The foundation will seek to enjoy the safe harbour and peaceful enjoyment while providing a service at peace with the broader community to further its spiritual work. The primary purpose and objectives of the Foundation are to provide benevolent and philanthropic services to the community and to fund, facilitate, implement, and operate sustainable projects. The purpose of the Foundation applies equally to providing a service or product to all humanity and the general public globally, irrespective of colour, caste, nationality, creed, religion or gender.

Q: What is Private Foundation?

A: It is a private unincorporated, philanthropic, humanitarian, community service, tax-exempt, not for profit. It is not registered in the government system. It is a community enterprise in the private.


Q: If a 'Collective Group' becomes sovereign, what role would the Crown of the Mauri Nation have regarding governance?

All Collective Groups can co-mingle, co-create, with freedom of association, together.  A Collective Group can set up a charter within the Crown of the Mauri Nation and make a claim for land that has been usurped throughout the Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment & Final Orders 2020. All Collective Groups stand protected in the One Waka of the Crown of the Mauri Nation. The Crown of the Mauri Nation promotes self-determination and self-governance. We have activated Te Whare Runanga (governance), Pa Kooti (justice & courts), Crown Ahika Whenua Records (house of records), Purple Thumb Community (book of life, foundations, charters) and have adopted many laws for amendment, alteration to constitute as we see fit for the purposes of health & wellbeing, protection of our children, education, comfort, freedom, justice, humanity, security, peace, alignment of all Collective Groups to co-create together and govern as supreme creditors.


Q: What will happen when the imposter pirate-ship government is removed?

A. Immediate Activation is the Key! That means 'you,' and that means 'we' and that means 'now' that we must come forward and stand rightfully in our mana, skill, and role. We must stand up and take our place as Rangatira, Leaders, Arikinui, Healers, Tohunga, Advisors, Supporters, Creators, Foundations, Founders, Kaitiaki, in the circle of life. We as a nation will not put all this responsibility onto one Tumuaki.  We as a nation must take responsibility and, like in the past, must row this waka together. The Crown of the Mauri Nation is waiting for you to assume your rightful position and rightful place.


Q: What will happen to the Maori Land Court (incorporated)?

A. Crown of the Mauri Nation passed Special Resolutions 9th January 2021 to adopt Crown Ahika Whenua Records as our Land Records Branch in alignment with He Wakaputanga o te rangatiratanga o nu tireni 1820-1835 in perpetuity; to constitute, order and declare; revoke; authorize and empower; execute all the rights, powers, privileges and authorities; instruct the provision for the publication and the coming into operation and the coming into force; and execute all rights, powers, privileges, and authorities of absolute Suv’eranty as we see fit.


Q: What is the Te Whakaruru Hau Aotearoha & Rangihou Common Law Pure Trust?

A. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III of the Crown of the Mauri Nation created the Te Whakaruru Hau Aotearoha & Rangihou Common Law Pure Trust 1st June 2020 to preserve, conserve, keep, invest and develop such assets for the benefit of the Live Life Claimants, Holders, and their heirs & Suv'eran Charters. The Board of Trustees administrate all lands and records in schedules aligned with the Privacy Taonga Tikanga Kawa 2020 & Te Ture Whenua Mauri Mauri Land Taonga Unincorporated 2020 & Real Estate Management Taonga 2020 and in the manner designated; To prevent the dissipation of wealth; To provide for loved ones and others; To provide for and encourage wise stewardship of assets; To uphold the liberty and freedom of the live life claimants of this Trust Estate; To promote family, and to lend support to families associated with this Trust Estate; To have the Trustees of this Trust receive property, contributions, profits, interest, dividends or other objects of value to be paid out periodically as set forth within the Indenture and its attached schedules; To record and manage all Crown Ahika Whenua Records on behalf of mana Tangata/live life claimants; To provide liability protection, privacy, and asset protection from [un]warranted creditors and spendthrifts on the Trust corpus and assets; To encourage moral integrity and honour.


Q: What is in the Te Whakaruru Hau Aotearoha & Rangihou Common Law Pure)Trust?

A. Schedule as follows; Rangihou Treaty, Rangihou Commercial Lien, Rangihou Statutory Demand, Rangihou Final Orders, Live Live Claimants, Charters, Aotearoha Lands from Royal Decree Proclamation Judgment 13.11.2020.


Q: Who are the beneficiaries of Te Whakaruru Hau Aotearoha & Rangihou Common Law Pure Trust?

A. Live Life Claimants and Suv'eran Charters.


Q: Who manages the lands of Gondwana?

A. Administered by the Crown Ahika Whenua Records on behalf of Mana Tangata/live life claimants. But the Kaitiaki manage the lands of Gondwana.


Q: What laws have been adopted?

A. Firstly, we have adopted 'Acts' and renamed them 'Taonga.' Example: Private Natural Law 29.1.2021, No.1 2021 - Adoption of Lores, Laws, Acts, Orders Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.2 2021 - Adoption of Crown 1823 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.3 2021 - Adoption of Child Protection Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.4 2021 - Adoption of Native Districts Regulation 1858 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.5 2021 - Adoption of The Constitution 1852 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.6 2021 - Adoption of Pacific Islanders Protection 1875 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.7 2021 - Adoption of Te Ture Whenua Maori Maori Land 1993 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.8 2021 - Adoption of Native 2003 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.9 2021 - Adoption of Te Oneone Native Land and Title 2010 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.10 2021 - Adoption of Charter of United Nations International Court of Justice 1845 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.11 2021 - Adoption of Law Making Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.12 2021 - Adoption of Law of the Nations Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.13 2021 - Adoption of Chicago Styles Manual 16th Edition Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.14 2021 - Adoption of Crimes 1961 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.15 2021 - Adoption of Provision of Summary Proceeding 1957 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.16 2021 - Adoption of Legislative Council 1891 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.17 2021 - Adoption of Imperial Laws Application 1988 Taonga Tikanga Kawa, No.18 2021 - Adoption of Royal Charter and Instructions 1846 Taonga Tikanga Kawa and more.


Q: What happens at Waitangi?

A. We will uphold Waitangi Day on the 6th of February every year.  We will uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 as this record, treaty; taonga qualifies the Crown of the Mauri Nation, our Mana, IO Matua, Tupuna Katoa, and our Whenua in perpetuity.


Q: What happens at He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni?

A. We will celebrate He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni on the correct date being 20th March every year.


Q: Why not use New Zealand or Aotearoa as the nation name?

A. Because it was captured and incorporated with Dun and Bradstreet Securities.


Q: Why the name Gondwana and the Gondwanaland Peace Flag?

A. Gondwana is unincorporated; it is Private.  Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III (Mauri Crown) did due diligence, Copy-Right-Now-Space/Copy-Claim in perpetuity;  The meaning of Gondwanaland is the place of the beginning.  The meaning of Aotearoha is the Earth of Love, Garden of Eden, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, Gondwanaland to Aotearoha, which spans around the globe. It is the Spiritual Crown - That which makes us divine. In detail; Holy trinity, heavenly father, son, holy spirit, Queen-dom of IO on Earth, Gold/Crown/Royal Flag, Suv'eran Land Flag.  True-Aotearoha & Gondwanaland Map Position Fact by the Nicolas Desliens Map of the Earth[world] 1566 claim. :Rainbow-Symbol = Rainbow-Bridge. Matariki-Stars = Waipuna-Ā-Rangi-Star & Hiwa-I-Te-Rangi-Star, Ururangi-Star & Matariki-Star & Tupu-Ā-Nuku-Star & Tupu-Ā-Rangi-Star, Waitā-Star & WaitῙ-Star & Pōhutukawa-Star. Crown Gold-Red-Blue-Stars = Gold Star Location=South Island Aotearoha[New Zealand]Land Map. Red-Star-Location=Uluru [Australia] Land Map. Blue-Star-Location=North Island Aotearoha[New-Zealand] Land Map. Words Te Ao Hou = The New [Or]der, when the great change comes Mauri will lead the way to the new Jerusalem & the true light & true records & true queendom of IO on earth. A= Alpha means the first or the beginning. O= Omega means the last or the end. Aoteoaroha is the land of the first light. Gondwanaland being the beginning times, beginning of the Hue-man.


Q: What is the significance of Rangihou (Gondwanaland) and Rangihoua (Aotearoha)?

A. Rangihou (New Heaven) is in Paremata (Parliament), New Zealand Street. Sacred Burial Site for the children of the Rangitira that were at Rangihou in 1811 onwards.  Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III is the kaitaiki of this Burial Site. Rangihou is 112 acres of land gifted from Originee King Corrangie and to Mauri King Te Ruki Kawiti 1811, Ngati Manu. The only gifting of land in Gondwanaland from one Suv'ern King to another, from one Suv'eran Nation to another. 18 Mauri and Originee children are still buried at Rangihou today. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III took the Parramatta City Council to the Federal Court to protect this burial site.  The Tribal Final Orders still stand in law, unrebutted. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III is a descendant of King Te Ruiki Kawiti.

A. Rangihoua is the spiritual bridge connection to Rangihou.  It is where Reverend Samuel Marsden had his first sermon when he traveled from Rangihou Gondwanaland to Rangihoua Aotearoha 1814. Mauri Carving of Rev Samuel Marsden is carved and is in Whitiora Marae Te Tii, Keri Keri.

A. The Connection to the government of New Zealand:  It is the New South Wales Settlers Parliament that entered our lands from Parramatta.  It is the source of the governance for New Zealand. It is the first breath to our nation being colonized.  In consequence,  Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III returned to the first breath, to reclaim, redeem and restore what is rightfully and inherently Mauri and protect the sons of Rangatira buried at Rangihou. In consequence to that, Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III  had to return to Rangihou Gondwanaland on behalf of Tupuna to shake the foundations of the New South Wales Settlers Parliament and pull their house down.  Hence why she took the Parramatta City Council to the Federal Court NSD711/2019 over Sacred land and historical burial sites of the sons of Nga Puhi Rangatira 1814 onwards at Rangihou. 

A. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III is the Kaitiaki of Rangihou. She is situated on Harris Street (Christopher Harris 1800's), Harris Park. Next to New Zealand Street, Rangihou (New Heaven), Paremata (Parliament), Rangihou Paremata Matamuatanga Suv'eran Charter & Whenua [Embassy]/Marae. Situated on the first land grant (stolen land) in Australian history 22 Feb 1792 to Governor Phillip.  Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III paternal grandmother is Hokimate Harris Nga Puhi, Ngati Hine. Her paternal grandfather is Lou Sullivan Ngati Manu and matua whangai Hare Apetera, Ruapekapeka. More Information: https://rangihouthetruthrevealed.weebly.com/

 A. New Zealand is part of a mostly submerged continent that broke away from the Gondwanaland supercontinent millions of years ago. As the new land moved into the Pacific Ocean, it gradually submerged, then was uplifted by activity in the earth's crust. New Zealand's geology records the story of the country's birth, growth and ancient name being Hawaiki Tautau Aotearoa. The Alpha and Omega.


Q: What is Queen-dom?

A. It is the relationship and united front between two Queens. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III & Maja-Jingki: Burra.


Q: What is the relationship between Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III and Maja-Jingki: Burra?

A. Tumuaki Lady-Crown: Turikatuku IIIand Maja-Jingki: Burra have known each other since 2012. They met at the Indigenous Conference in Sydney where many tribal sovereign nations gathered.  Together they have walked the suv'eran pathways and lay lines.  Together they consecrated the Sovereign Nation Treaty of Rangihou 2014 which bound the spiritual bridge between Rangihou and Rangihoua.
A. New Zealand is part of a mostly submerged continent that broke away from the Gondwanaland supercontinent millions of years ago. As the new land moved into the Pacific Ocean, it gradually submerged, then was uplifted by activity in the earth's crust. New Zealand's geology records the story of the country's birth, growth and ancient name being Hawaiki Tautau Aotearoa. The Alpha and Omega.


Q: Are the Suv'eran Notaries recognized by the government (incorporated imposter party)

A. No.  Why would an impost incorporated government recognize our truth, our facts, our tupuna, our supreme suv'eranty?  This is the way we have created our own pathway for our true records.


Q: What does Mentoring entail?

A. It is guidance, empowerment, and encouragement. Supplying the live life claimant with tools and armory for your walk as a suv'eran.


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