Surrounded by the golden woods and in the cool, still, evening air of mid-October 2004, the flame initiated an unprecedented and historic gathering of thirteen indigenous Grandmothers from around the world, keepers of their tribes' teachings from original times. The Grandmothers had come to fulfill another ancient prophecy, known by many of the world's indigenous tribes: "When the Grandmothers from the four directions speak, a new time is coming.”The council, which had been spoken of in prophecy and seen in visions since time immemorial, finally emerged in the aftermath of 9/11.   All of the Grandmothers had been invited long ago, in a time before time as we know it, to meet at the coming of the Great Turning to become a force for peace in the world.  Prophecy revealed to each one that they must now share even their most secret and sacred ways with the very people who have been their oppressors, as the survival of humanity, if not the entire planet, is at stake.


The urgency of the world's situation requires a global response.   As the wise women, Ngangkari, curanderas, shamans and healers of their tribes, they were bringing to the council new visions and new prophecies for humanity, their tribes' rich and varied sources of wisdom, and each tribe's unique and secret teachings for living within the Divine Order of all things.  Basic to each tribe's survival, the Grandmothers say, was their ability not only to live in harmony with nature but with one another. The strength of the tribe was founded on family, and the well-being of each family was essential to the well-being of the community.  Nature was seen as mirroring the different roles within a family.  The common wisdom was that we are Spirit alive in the flesh. The Earth was seen as the Great Mother, the giver and nurturer of life.  Because of their absolute dependence on nature, indigenous peoples held that all of life was sacred.  They did not see themselves as separate from nature or the cosmos, the Grandmothers tell us. So what was done to the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth was done to themselves.  Everything was a part of the One.  The animals and plants or Earth were never objectified.  The objectification of nature opens the door for mistreatment and lack of respect.”The one who sees 'thou' is not the same as the ego seeing an 'it'.”In accord with the inherent authority within a family, traditionally the women elders, the grandmothers, were the ones who were looked up to as guardians to watch over the physical and spiritual survival of the family, and thus the tribe. They became the keepers of the teachings and rituals that allowed the tribe to flourish, and they upheld the social order.  In many of the tribes around the world the Council of Grandmothers was always consulted before any major decision was made, including the decision of whether or not to go to war.   The Grandmothers know there has been an undeniable corruption of humanity's spirit. The global human family, a macrocosm of the tribal system, is lost in confusion and sickness.   We are disconnected from ourselves and the planet that nurtures us, body and soul.  Violence and war have bred hunger, poverty, loss of culture, and a lack of understanding concerning basic human rights.  Our waters, the blood of our Mother Earth, have become too polluted to drink, and the air in some places to polluted to breath.  Do we really want it this way, they ask?  Do we not want a future generation?  We have lost the most fundamental teaching: that all life is sacred.   All life is One.  The Grandmothers say we will wake up from our trance now, as the Earth has begun shaking.Prophecies of each of the Grandmothers' traditions state that we have entered the Purification times. The purification process is a natural cleansing of all the accumulated negativity caused by being materially instead of spiritually oriented.   All of life must be honored and protected again, allowed their natural source of shelter and nourishment. Since all of the living cosmos is connected, the Grandmothers teach that healing, quality of life, and spiritual evolvement are never separate from politics and consciousness.  Culture that does not derive or base itself on nature's harmony has no roots and can't survive long. Without a deep connection to nature, people drift into sickness, grow negative, and destroy themselves spiritually and physically.   Deeply connected to nature, we witness beauty everywhere, including wholly within ourselves.Each part of the world spectrum holds wisdom, a key to reigniting humanity's pure spark. The Thirteen Grandmothers came in council to share their prayers, rituals and ceremonies to create global healing and forge an alliance creating one voice. They speak of ways of bringing about sustainability, sovereignty and a unified alliance among all the Earth's people in the interest of life and peace.






13 Grandmothers 300 Rising, the Highest Order ordained by creator, stands with the prophetic mission in hand.  They have surrendered to serve the people, earth mother, sky father, the elements, the stars, the universe and great spirit.  They each possess a key to the great mysteries that need to be fulfilled in this time. Their hearts are fused as “One”.


13 Grandmothers 300 Rising are apostles, prophets, Sharman's, tohunga, matakite, seers who have all been called from the ends of the earth and from the farthest corners of the earth of many lifetimes to undertake the real work in now space, in the place of first light here in Gondwanaland - the place of the beginning.


13 Grandmothers 300 Rising are physically and spiritually nourishing and nurturing the shift, the relationships, our suv’eranty, our governance, our friendships, our mokopuna, each other, our Tane and the shift of times is bearing down on us all right now. We are together, we are connected, we are victorious, and we are waiting for you too.


The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity. The time is now, and the Grandmothers have stepped up and are now standing in their rightful place. The Holy Spirit has a goal for all of humanity. It is to live extraordinary lives, tackle humanity's fear, and restore Peace, Truth, Unity, Balance, Kindness and Love, for the people globally. The shift of times will begin in Aotearoha ‘earth of love”.


It will take the Grandmothers of the Highest Order ordained by Creator to complete the prophetic missions that lay ahead of us.  These Grandmothers have been called; they did not reject spirit; they are the chosen ones. They have been called forward to do extraordinary work in this reality, physically and spiritually. It is their rite of passage.


What is ahead of us is exciting and also an incredible breakthrough and release for transformation in Australia and across the earth.  We have been summoned to rise in Australia with a new confidence and fresh breath.   We will be required to move together powerfully and in true unity on our warriorship.  The dark side is trembling and trying to disable the Grandmother order.   We are rising in numbers and strength with an ever-increasing discernment - sharp and clear. Many that cast strategies upon us will be overthrown due to the unity, honour and security within and between our relationships.



The Grandmothers have been tried and tested and found faithful. They are cloaked with humility, unity, respect and honour; They do not compete or compare; They have been chosen; They were born for this.

The Grandmothers role is sacred; one of acceptance; one of surrender; a contract with destiny.   They are of the highest of consciousness at this time in their Being. They refrain from the picking the devils works from the atmosphere and giving voice to them. They sit in counsel with Creator, known by many names. The Grandmothers humility and honouring others attracts grace and favour from Creator.   They have been entrusted with access to the treasures and blueprints released all over the earth.

The Grandmothers walk barefoot with Loomurn Burra (Heaven Earthstar).  They have invoked their authentic being, pure intentions, pure speech, pure livelihood, and pure thoughts.  The Grandmother's lips speak with respect, without poison, united, with absolute respect for each other, with equality and healthy, clear boundaries. They are the true essence of the elements of Mother Earth.



We are Ranjgee (lightning spirit) Booroo (earth ground) in this new beginning evolutionary new cycle of life. 

I am heaven earthstar, you are heaven earthstar.  You, me...all heaven earthstar.

Ya'Ee you, me, turn the key 360 degrees medicine wheel of full remedy creator beings waking up as heaven earthstar. 

Dreamtime means to be fully awake. 

Now that we are fully awake, how do you feel about this new story.  How does it make you feel knowing who we truly are.

Mauri, Biaime, Wanjina, Kali, many names, many faces, many places.  All the same.

Welcome home to the oneness.  Timelessness.  Infinite unconditional love.

New loop cycle begin here in the beginning place of humanity for a new creation story.  New beginning as lightning spirit earth ground.

Marlo maaboo ngulla ... no more being small, neo, finished, gone forever.

Everyone was once a ngulla from Jimbin down below within the crystals of the earth ground.

Rarrgoojaa ... get up, stand up, get on with your magic, creation and landscaping.

As sacred geometry, lore of physics, divine and natural law, lore.  I am interpreting all that I AM as Common Ground, Creation Ground, Common Sense to you law makers, light holders, way showers.

You know who you are Ranjgee Booroo.

We go up and we come down and go up again, round, round goes the medicine wheel of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness for all who need eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to speak, heart to love, care and share and our body to create life on earth ground.

Join me and let claim what is rightfully ours.  For the Kingdom of Heaven-Earthstar is finally ours to claim as it was in the beginning.

Lore is folklore, oral, spoken, sung. 

Law is written into a play of the grand theatre of life.  Legalese, words, spells on a piece of paper.   We are becoming very careful about what we say, write and call into the earth from Avatar embodiment.

Good dreams are welcome on the land court, the common court of the land.  Nightmares are not welcome.  It is simply a kind reminder to all who it may concern.

We are all in this together seeking peaceful solution, forgiveness, compassion and a new way based on Thou Shall Not Harm.   Let's create full remedy.  The end of old cycles.   The protection of our children who are the ones who will inherit the Earthstar.

For we hold the knowledge and lore...13 Grandmother's Star Skin Lore.  The Senior Lore Women.  Seven Sister's Dreaming.  Bearing Baa Pleides, blue central sun, temple of truth.  Ancestral Star Grandmother's of Creation.

We move a motion to Treaty with the Crown of the Originee Nation.

We are sitting as interim Government of the People until we the people come together and form/create a new body of Governance through a new Constitution.

We move a motion to wind up the corporation called Commonwealth Government of Australia, a foreign establishment including all their members.

We move a motion to create a new government foundation body of a new self governance model that is balanced, equitable, and works for the whole with the new Constitution that is created by the people for the people, always to service the good people, the land, the lore, law.  So help me God/dess.  Awoman.

It is done.  Maaboo Maaboo.  New Beginning Cycle.

Koojarra.  Warrinjarri.

Together.  One Circle.

Jurrkurrpa Great Spirit-Creator-Ancestor


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