We are inviting you to your ancient song and we are happy to witness you claim your life as part of the earth.  It is our honour to facilitate your claim and stand in your jurisdiction of Jurkurrpa lore.

:Maja-Jingki: Burra.

What is a live life claim?
A live life claim is the beginning of your initiation into the new way dreaming.  It is your evidence, witnessed by two suv'eran ordained postmasters that you are alive and well, no longer lost at sea under maritime law, administered by the system.

As a live life claimant, living being, you are unincorporated. You have your own su’vern creation/created name. Y ou are complete in and of yourself.  You exist with or without the say-so of any other authority.  This is why all suv’eran entities are unincorporated. Whatever you are and whatever you mean is fully expressed in the context of your own being.

How do I begin my process?

Please click on the link below which will take you through to The Purple Thumb Community who are the administrators for the Crown of the Originee Nation administering Live Life Claims.  Fill in the form which will be processed within 24 hours.  Once the Golden Royal Seal has been stamped, you will receive your Life Life Claim document in the mail.

What is a Live Life Claim Publication?

Once you receive your Live Life Claim, the publication number, suv'eran name and date will be published so that you can point to it to claim that you are in fact a Live Life Claimant.

What is a $1 Natural Share?

The Purple Thumb Community naturally create a $1 Share in the Te Whakaruru Hau Aotearoha & Rangihou Trust (Pure Trust) for every Live Life Claimant so that any successful collective claims can be distributed to the Live Life Claimant.   No claim, no share, no beneficiary

What is a Suv'eran Witness [Notary]?

The Purple Thumb Community provide a letter from our ordained postmasters that states the fiction 'person' and the fact 'live life claimant'.

How do I claim the land?

Only a live life claimant can make a claim. Once you recieve your live life claim, set up your family charter and claim the land that you are standing on. Raise the Gondwanaland / Kotahitanga [united] Tribes Flag 1835 which qualifies that you are internationally protected under international customary law.

How do I set up a charter?
The Purple Thumb Community are the administrators for the Crown of the Originee Nation and they issue the Charter Certificates and Publications.

How do I set up a private foundation?

The Purple Thumb Community are the administrators for the Crown of the Originee Nation administering private non-government foundations so that you can transition your business our of the system and into a private foundation.

A Live life claimant can 'do business as' a private 'name' foundation to express your service or products and create joinder with the 'Crown of the Originee Nation', published in now-space the website.

Has the Crown of the Originee Nation claimed all the lands?

The Crown of the Originee Nation has a blanket claim across Gondwanaland.  Then it is up the Live Life Claimants to make their own claim. Stand in your suv'ernty on your lands, anchor into your charter and claim your right.

Is there full closure with the Live Life Claims?
Yes there is. We also provide a Courtesy Notice to deal with fiction entities on the side of the road or a fiction agent as well as terms and conditions and a Fee Schedule.