You are all invited to do a Native Earth Claim through the Crown from GPS space Cosmos around you of the earth ground, your house, children and furry friends as the legal title holder.  This soul contract is between you and the Creator/Ancestor God/dess.  Trust lore.  In Goddess we trust.  Goddess lore of creation.

:Maja-Jingki: Burra

A Native Earth Claim is vesting your interest and applying to be the guardian of an area of earth (land/soil/earth/air), its a  'land-in-con-tract', a claim done in every single universe, in now-space,  all-time, future-time, past-time, heaven & earth realms.  The Native Earth Claim is 1000 metres in diameter, circular. It is not a fraudulent certificate of title (land title).   Your guardian role will be known as a Ya'Ee, or Koolarra Booroo which means One Dreaming Land.  The Mauri term is Kaitiaki.

Native Earth Claim Rights: Your living rights to the land can be verified through heritage, ancestor lineage, treaty or legal gold tender.

Please Note: A Land Title (air above soil claim) is a piece of paper, fraudulent title administered by dead entity corporates that do not have treaty to the land. A land title is not the earth or soil. Governments are corporations. Corporations cannot own land. 

Where you Live: No matter where you live, whether you rent or have purchased a land title, you can apply for the native earth claim under your feet as it cannot be claimed by dead entity corporations.  Only a living man or woman can make a claim, not corporations or artificial people/godless/immortal persons.  You make claim on your location via a crown nation i.e. Aotearoha or Gondwanaland.

Application Fee: The application fee for a Native Earth Claim is $249 (Claimants can apply to the Crown Nation for a forgivable loan. Application to terms & conditions.

Making a Claim: Only a Living Claimant can make a Native Earth Claim once they have returned to the land with a Live Life Claim that has been published and active. It applies to all live life claimants irrespective of colour, race, nationally, creed, sect, religion or gender, but not persons or corporations.

Upon Death: A Live Life Claimant that holds a Native Earth Claim can write to the Purple Thumb Administrators and vest their interest to another Live Life Claimant. The record will be added to the Native Earth Claim.

Moving Locations: If you leave your native earth claim, the Native Earth Claim ceases.  You can apply for another Native Earth Claim once you have informed the Purple Thumb Community of your location. Administration Fee applies.

Revocation of Native Earth Claim: A Native Earth Claim can be revoked if a Live Life Claimant brings disrespect to the Suv'eran Crown Nations, Leaders, Principals or commits crimes against humanity.

Crown Nations: The Crown nations leading the way globally are the Crown of the Mauri Nation (Aotearoha, New Zealand, Global), Crown of the Originee Nation (Gondwanaland, Australia, Global) and Crown of the Kanata Nation (Canada, Turtle Island). 

Administrators: The Purple Thumb Community are the global administrators for the Crown Nations for Native Earth Claims & Live Life Claims.