The Purple Thumb Community are global administrators of Live Life Claims & Private Notary Services. They will assist you transition from the public corporate government and into the private.

​We have proven techniques for you to walk confidently as a living man or woman and claim your right.

First step is to apply for the live life claim to commence your private process.  Once you have received your live life claim digital copy, all other services will be available to you for a contribution i.e Private Notary, Sea Pass, Exemption Cards, Exemption Letters, Medical Certificate etc.

The Purple Thumb Community is the Book of Life branch of the Crown of the Originee Nation, administered by Tino Rangatiratanga Foundation, Private Non-Government-Foundation, Tax-Exempt, Not-for-Profit, Humanitarian, Philanthropic Community-Service.  Our Private Foundations are not registered with the fiction government system.  The Purple Thumb Community are administrators for live life claims, private foundations and charters.  At no time does the Purple Thumb Administrator claim birth certificate bonds, birth rights, whakapapa or make land claims.  It is the responsbility of the Live life claimants to annexure their whakapapa to their claims and set up their charters for their land claims.  The Purple Thumb Principals administer the sea lane for all Live Life Claimants who choose to use the sea land to return home to their lands.  It is the responsibility of the Live Life Claimants to request these services.The Purple Thumb Principals do not claim copy-right of the Live Life Claims.  The Purple Thumb Principals do not claim control of the vessels.The Crown of the Originee Nation and the Purple Thumb Community use purple ink for all thumbprints and Crown Royal Seals.