H E R - S T O R Y



The traditional lores and customs of the Ancestral Originee Grandmother Skin Lore define all of creation...as above, so below. 

Celebrating the living country, aligning sacred sites [through linguistics] with celestial bodies, the Ancestral Lore, Land and Language are structured by unified binary celestial cycles that govern the cosmos and all its inhabitants.

Cycles that are measureable in contemporary scientific disciplines such as astrobiology, astrophysics, geology, biology, morphic field resonance and cosmology to name but a few...indelible Natural Lore's of creation, as opposed to created Legislative instruments and doctrines.

The Ancestral Originee Grandmother Lore's matches passages of the Mother Sun through periods of locally increased cluster formations of open star clusters in the solar neighbourhood, along with calculated local supernova peaks of Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux [defined in Astrophysics] that explain the natural creation processes of the planet and all of its life forms past, present and future.

As Above.  So Below.

[Ab]original First in Time, First in Line, Best in Law - Customary Law/Lore & Hereditary Rights

No one can dispute the fact that [ab]original (originee) have been here in Gondwana Land, on the land mass now known as Australia, since the beginning of time.   They are the First in time.  ​ Their laws on these lands are the 'first in time, First in Line, Best in Time', the 'ancient laws of time. 

Originee peoples, with their laws have occupied and inhabited these lands, with continuing relationships with all pacific nations peoples, with their traditional land and waters, and continuing cultures, customs, values, traditions, language and heritage. ​The Originee people are the oldest culture in the world. 

[Ab]original Governance

The Originee people of these lands have their own form of government - land tenure, culture, traditions, customs, values and language, all connected to the waters, rivers, mountains, seas and to the stars.  The Originee people have our own lore men that uphold the laws of our tribes & our clans.  They have regional laws and societies within the country.  They have a system of land tenure wherein language-labelled groups identify with land and water kin-groups. They have ecological zones and rules. They have culture, artefacts and museums. They have walking tracks, sacred sites and land marks. They have relationship rules.
​They have wise circles of elders and spiritual advisors. They have their own system of lore, justice and ceremonial practices which is alive & active.  They have their own governance which is still in tact among the sovereign tribes of this land mass.

1788 British Proclamation to claim land mass

In 1788 a group of British colonists anchored themselves at Botany Bay, made a 1788 Proclamation and declared the land mass, continent the Colony of New South Wales. In the process the attached New Zealand as part of New South Wales. They then set about enforcing their man made laws and government  on the Originees. They came with a doctrine of discovery, giving Christian explorers the right to claim lands they 'discovered' and lay claim to those lands for their Christian Monarchs. So the Kings and Queens came in their corporate disguise. Otherwise seen as individuals with guns just taking over the lands by killing all the Originees in their sight. This happened right across the pacific islands to all first nations peoples. Their purpose was to rob the natives of their lands, kill them, breed them out and instruct them into their courts, into custody and reduce their persons (birth certificate) to perpetual slavery. 

The healthy lifestyle changed dramatically when the uninvited Europeans arrived without consent, from England headed by Captain Cook. Aboriginal people were disenfranchised from their land by uninvited colonists who appropriated the land, resources, violated, neglected and committed violence and death against them. From February 1788 onwards many aborigines were killed with guns, poisoned water holes and food, and many died from diseases introduced by the invaders. A document from the late 1700's states: "Some convicts were allowed to have the weekends free from the confines of their masters' properties on the condition that they brought back with them aboriginal scalps. These scalps were, in fact, pairs of ears." Aboriginal men were drastically losing their role in society by being used to slave labor. The women were used as domestics and sexual partners for the white invaders. Raping and killings continued as a sport with hangings of women in the trees along the Parramatta river, Rangihou and Baludarri Lands. And I quote: "One gorges at the Sunday afternoon manhunts of sexual mutilation, of burying live Aboriginal babies up to their necks in sand and kicking their heads off ." Aboriginal were Massacred and buried in random in sporadic unidentified land areas. The effect of European settlement was the immediate and tragic displacement of local Aborigines from the land.

At no time in our history, did the colonists ask for permission to enter these lands. They erected their flags and began plundering the lands for profit. Australian law and policy respecting the Aboriginal population originated with the instructions to the first Governor of New South Wales: Governor Phillip, the first Governor of the Colony of New South Wales, in April 25, 1787, was explicitly instructed, that he was; " ... to endeavor by every possible means to open an intercourse with the natives, and  to conciliate their affections, enjoining all our subjects to live in amity and kindness with them. And if any of our subjects shall wantonly destroy them or give them any unnecessary interruption in the exercise of their several occupations it is our will and pleasure that you do cause such offenders to be brought to punishment according to the degrees of the offence. You will endeavor to procure an account of numbers inhabiting the neighborhood of the intended settlement, and report your opinion to one of our Secretaries of State in what manner our intercourse with these people may be turned to the advantage of this colony."

1900 Australian Constitution

The Constitution created in 1900, would not recognize the [ab]originals, as they were considered an inferior race, fauna & flora, which they hoped would be extinct in 60 years. This Constitution included New Zealand as a state of New South Wales, with a colonial government under the Kings rule, King George III. The purpose of the His Majesty's government, was to become the administrators and plunder the resources & minerals of both Nations. The true intent of the kings rule was documented in the House of Lords minutes 1838 was to dis-empower the Kings, the Queens and the Paramount Chiefs of the lands of Australia [Gondwana Land] and Aotearoa [Nu Tireni], turn them into Persons (birth certificate), British Subjects (birth certificate), slaves, stealing the land through mis-interpretation of Treaty and land grants.  

It must be known that Local Government is not recognized in the Constitution. This is validated by three referendums 1974, 1988 and 1999. This is also validated by the Attorney General on the 8th June 2010. Therefore anything created by Local Government ins illegal and invalid. Any local government registrations are illegal and invalid as the people said NO to Local Government.

1792 Australia's First theft of Land

The first land grant in Australia's history was on 22 Feb 1792 by the administrators of the British Government. It was Experiment Farm in Parramatta. 30 Acres which at the time belonged to Originee King Pemulwuy. This land was the first piece of stolen lands with a piece of paper and a flick of a pen. This land is directly opposite Rangihou. A year later the land was sold. This was the beginning of illegal land sales and theft from the Originee people with a flag, a pen and a piece of paper. A system of land tenure by the colonists of this time was the 'chain' survey. A method foreign to the Originee.

1811 Mauri in Parramatta

King Te Ruki Kawiti

Māuri were coming to Australia prior to the colonists. Mauri such as King Te Pahi 1805, Paretaonga 1788, Chief Ruatara 1810, King Hongi Hika 1814, Korokoro 1814, Waikato 1814, Taonui, Rewa, Te Wharerahi and Pautone,

At this time 1811, Pemulwuy had been killed and Corrangie (brother-in-law to Pemulwuy) became the King of Parramatta. Mauri Chief Ruatara had been entrusted with land to grow wheat, peas and beans on the land today known as Rangihou. On the 20th November 1811 the Rev Samuel Marsden (adopted father of King Corrangie) took Te Ruki Kawiti (Toweetee Teetooa) to the farm. This was the day of the land gifting.

This morning I [Reverand Samuel Marsden} took them [King Te Ruki Kawiti, King Corrangie, his son] in my [Samuel] Chaise to see Duaterra’s [Mauri Chief Ruatara] farm, when they [King Te Ruki Kawiti, King Corrangie, his son] beheld his wheat just ripe, his peas beans &c, they were highly gratified, and in a few minutes I [Samuel] observed them [Chief Ruatara, King Te Ruki Kawiti, King Corrangie] making a fire across my [Samuel] farm and cutting notches with a Knife in the stumps of the trees [tribal land surveying] – I [Samuel] inquired what they [Ruatara, King Te Ruki Kawiti, King Corrangie] were doing – they told me they were marking out a farm for Toweetee- Teetooa [King Te Ruki Kawiti], that he would return to New Zealand the first opportunity, and bring one hundred men [100 Men] to work upon the farm. I [Samuel] told him I would give him as much land as he liked, and he might begin tomorrow.

Certified True Copy held with Office of the Crown, Parramatta

The Violation

The government known as the Australian Parliament are the administrators/trustees, working on behalf for the Originee sovereigns, holding in trust all the land and minerals. The government admit that they are the administrators, time and time again. An administrator cannot be anything other than a corporate entity. Only a corporation entity can administer. The Australian corporation is registered in Washington DC and is not operating with ecclesiastical sovereignty [God's law].   This Australian corporation cannot administer at the ecclesiastical level of God's Law.

A trustee is a council, corporation, local government entity, government entity, crown entity, public servant, crown-in-right, masquerading as the crown.  They are paid a commission to extinguish [Ab]original rights and interests through prescription, without informing the people of the unnecessary loss of their inherent rights. This has been happening for too long, dumbing down the Originee sovereigns of this land with corporations law and illegal land grants & titles.

Local Government is not recognized in the Constitution therefore the Act is Invalid and Illegal. The Local Government (City of Parramatta and Cumberland) Proclamation 2016 was birthed from the Local Government Act 1993 therefore Invalid and Illegal. 

Who's Selling out the Originees Rights?

Corporations & Councils including the assumed representatives of Aboriginal Tribal Corporations, Aboriginal Councils, Aboriginal Land Councils, Custodial Aboriginal Corporations and various family groups, are selling the rights to the lands and the minerals to district councils.

They are merely puppets on a string, trustees & administrators. They are not Originee Sovereigns, therefore not land owners. They do not walk with the first laws in time. They walk with man made laws. They have chosen their master and their master is the government & money. They are signing contracts with the government giving the rights to Originee lands to the councils for peanuts & bread crumbs.



These registered corporation entities have an ABN; have no head of power; have no ownership to the lands what so ever; are public servants; are public trustees; are administrators; are masquerading as The Crown; with an illegal & invalid Local Government Act 1993 & an illegal & invalid Proclamation 2016. Bottom line, no Authority what so ever.

Not using First Laws in Time.
Using man made Laws.
Writing contracts for Land.
Using Government Grants to fund their corporation
Misappropriation of Cultural Knowledge & Stories
Registered with the Government & ORIC


The Spiritual gifting was consecrated by a sacred ceremony and the gifting of a sacred treasure to Lady Crown Turikatuky III by Jagamarra. The gift was accepted and responsibility to guard and protect the lands was agreed upon.

"It is an honor, as the Mauri Leader and Elder of Marae Melbourne, to stand by your side and endorse the ‘Te Kotahitanga Rangihou Marae, Cultural Centre and Arts Facilities in Parramatta.  As a long time advocate of a Marae in Australia, I am overwhelmed by the fact that your vision and plan will be the one that succeeds for all people in Australia.  You have created a cultural asset with a point of difference that is unique, reflects the community and compliments Sydney’s resources.  You have managed to identify a unique cultural and creative product for Parramatta that will attract, retain, validate and acknowledge the long standing Mauri and Originee relationships from the 1800’s.  By creating such a diverse, risk taking, robust arts & cultural plan, you have managed to add substance, sustainability and texture to the fabric of the land, that is not found anywhere in Australia. Through my endeavors over the years and to this very day I know of no-one that has a managed to bring such a culturally diverse plan together which encompasses Australians, Mauri and Originee people in such a positive, unique and awe inspiring way. You are on the way to establishing a flagship cultural institution that will showcase quality, world-class facilities, drawing people from across the region, as well as nationally and internationally. I strongly endorse your vision and project objectives."​ 

Kaumatua Koro George Hallet 2011

(Mauri, Tuwharetoa) (Originee, Palawa Mob, Kangaroo Island)

2012 PM Julia Gillard states "they own it & they deserve their share"

On the 31st May 2012 the Prime Minister Julia Gillard stated in person, who owns the land, at a Minerals Council dinner.  Fact is, the land and minerals are held in trust for the sovereign people of these lands. The Government can only be an administrator, a trustee.  The Originee people of the land are the land owners, and Julia Gillard is telling everyone, openly.

"you don't own the minerals & I don't own the minerals. The Governments only sell you the right to mine the resource - a resource we hold in trust for the sovereign people. They own it and they deserve their share."

​Prime Minister Julia Gillard

2012 Justice Dowsett Federal Court - 'true traditional owners'

As determined by Justice Dowsett in the Federal Court 14th December 2012 in the matter of the Yidindji Tribal People, that the Originee peoples of these lands are the true traditional owners of these lands pursuant to traditional laws and customs which are deep seeded roots of ancient times.
This Judge Dowsett states "I come here today to give you nothing, as I don't own the land."

"Wake Up Sovereigns and stand up as a land owner.   How many times do the trustees have to tell you that you own the land and that your laws are first in time.   Brother Murrumu has opened the door for you"  Lady Crown


"As the tribal original sovereigns of this land we will practice and revitalize our cultural traditions and customs.  This includes the right to maintain, protect and develop the past present and future manifestations of our cultures, such as archaeological and historical sites, artifacts, designs, ceremonies, technologies and visual and performing arts and literature. Take note that as the tribal peoples of this land we will manifest, practice, develop and teach our spiritual and religious traditions, customs and ceremonies. Take note that as the tribal peoples of this land we will promote, develop and maintain our institutional structures and our distinctive customs, spiritually, traditions, procedures, practices and, in the cases where they exist, juridical systems, laws, customs, in accordance with international human rights standards.  As the tribal peoples of this land we will develop, promote, practice and maintain our sovereign status, sovereign equality, sovereign right and sovereign power."


Richard Green 23 February 2012

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