The Crown of the Originee Nation, (by right, as given by the Divine Creator) will exercise the privileges of suv’eranty, along with the powers and subsequent inherent native authority which suv’eran hold too; operate under divine lore, law, regulate their activities, operate their own custom and usages, carry out exchange, equity and commerce, all under the auspices of self-governance, so long and in so far as, said governance is not repugnant to the general principals of humanity. This will be accomplished through the use of the divine doctrine ‘That you do no harm to your fellow man or his property’.

With this in mind and working unified (with all due respect to other Suv’erans, their similarities and or diversities) beyond the scope of non-living entities (i.e.; corporations, defacto governments and or foreign rule), we can then facilitate; proper, just, transparent and accountable representation of and to the suv’eran through the use of ethical and moral practises, able to be facilitated through the use of consultation, permanence, absoluteness, comprehensiveness and indivisibility processes utilising; new, current and suppressed technologies. The use of renewable and unmetered technologies will be the new norm under Crown of the Originee Nations governance. 

The ability for us to co-create better outcomes and environments resides within us all.   Native Suv’eran Nation Live Life Claimants will administer to our inherent native authority and rights through Suv’eran Charters, ensuring the aspirations, prosperity and well-being of all, paving the way for us to eliminate famine, disease and suffering, thereby enabling us to finally embrace one another with the dignity and spirit of the Divine Creator's grace and love.


This Crown Royal Charter is for all Suv’erans, that we can come together with One Purpose, for One Suv’eran and One Planet

ARTICLE 1 – Suv’eran Covenant

I inarguably affirm under oath, on this day to accept you divine creator "IO", known by many names, in absolute faith, acknowledging that you are the power and authority over all things.

I humbly ask for your forgiveness for any misdeeds, I or my ancestors may have committed in our veiled or otherwise ignorance that we as a suv’eran can now unite to tear down any native or other barriers, thereby allowing us all to live together as one indivisible family under IO’s power, glory and love, worshipping no other.

I ask that you “IO” be my protector and refuge as I am willing to trust in you that I may attain purity of mind, body, soul and spirit in the knowing that all things are possible under your guidance.

ARTICLE 2 – Divine Entity 

The Divine Entity is inviolable (safe from violation) and shall not be prejudiced or subjected to any undue exposure. The same shall apply to the entities of prophets and divine messengers.

ARTICLE 3 – Official Language

English is the primary language. Originee language when used shall prevail.

ARTICLE 4 – Lore / Law

The principle of Divine Law is the final authority in the interpretation thereof.  Divine Law is that “you do no harm to your fellow man or his property”.  The principles of Native, Customary and Original Lore are all sources of this unwritten lore.

ARTICLE 5 – Religion

Suv’erans embracing religion shall have the right to revert to their respective religious laws in matters relevant to personal affairs, the practice of religious (affairs) or (rituals), and the nomination of spiritual leaders in so far as these practices do not contravene Divine Law

ARTICLE 6 – Suv’eranty

The suv’eran are the source of suv’eranty and shall exercise and protect the rights and privileges this affords, along with the recognition of the suv’eran rights of others, thereby preserving and promoting unity.

ARTICLE 7 – Political

The political system shall, within the framework of the fundamentals of the Crown of the Mauri Nations prescribed under this charter, be based on co-operative alliances. These alliances shall be governed by lore, operating with integrity, transparency and honesty. Suv’erans shall, upon notification, have the right to establish political alliances.

ARTICLE 8 – Education

The Crown of the Originee Nation shall maintain educational systems aimed at truth rather than the current indoctrination learning processes used throughout the globe by governments, religions and monetary institutions that have effectively enslaved the general populace.

ARTICLE 9 – Values of the Family

The family unit shall be the basis of society and shall be the foundations thereof. The Crown of the Originee Nation shall preserve the identity of the family in terms of their respective; faiths, religions, moral and ethical values to ensure the cohesion, stability and protection thereof.

ARTICLE 10 – Unity and Crown of the Originee Nation

Crown of the Originee Nation basis is that of unity, equality and social solidarity.

ARTICLE 11 – Equality

The Crown of the Originee Nation shall, without discrimination or prejudice, ensure that all Suv’erans enjoy equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race, creed or religion by maintaining equilibrium and harmonisation in all aspects of society within Crown of the Originee Nation's frameworks.

ARTICLE 12 – The Protection of Morals and Heritage

So long as they are moral and ethical, the Crown of the Originee Nation shall, within the limits of this charter, be committed to safeguarding, preserving and protecting native traditions, monuments, memorials, burial sites and historical reserves, living and non-living.

ARTICLE 13 – Protection

The Crown of the Originee Nation shall maintain the protection of all, especially those who are unable to maintain their own protection such as those who may be elderly, fragile, mothers and children.

ARTICLE 14 – The Arts, Crafts and Literature

The Crown of the Originee Nation shall promote the arts, crafts and literature for the benefit of all of society.

ARTICLE 15 – The Economy

The economy shall be organised in accordance with a comprehensive development plan of Co-operative Foundations and Enterprises that guarantees an increase in national contributions, utilising a fair and equitable distribution format, effectively creating a rise in the standard of living with increases in employment or energy exchange opportunities.

ARTICLE 16 – Co-operative Enterprises

Co-operative Foundations and enterprises shall be created and maintained by the Crown of the Originee Nation to facilitate the exchange of energy. To exist within the new societal frameworks, an exchange of energy is required by the suv’eran that in turn allows for a fair and equitable form of remuneration. The suv’eran shall have a share in the management of these enterprises and the profits thereof are to be used for intra and infrastructure throughout their respective regions.

ARTICLE 17 – Enterprise contribution

There shall be a contribution from the operating contributions of Co-operative Enterprises. 

ARTICLE 18 – Health

The Crown of the Originee Nation shall maintain health systems aimed at the physical, mental, holistic and spiritual wellbeing of the suv’eran.

ARTICLE 19 – Natural Resources

The Crown of the Originee Nation shall give due and just consideration to the use of the natural resource by operating under a fit for purpose mentality rather than the throwaway mentality currently used.

ARTICLE 20 – Agriculture

Agriculture is a fundamental component of the national economy. The Crown of the Originee Nation shall seek to give due care to farmers and agricultural workers, as well as to the development of the main national agricultural crops. The Crown of the Originee Nation shall also seek to support agricultural cooperative societies and to include farmers in the agricultural plan and enable them to manage these plans.

ARTICLE 21 – Suv’eran Property and Lands

Suv’eran Property and Lands shall be subject to the supervision, protection and guardianship of the Native Suv’eran Charters.

ARTICLE 22 – Guardians

The energy, lands, oceans and atmosphere are protected collectively by all Suv’erans as the bearers and guardians of the planet.

ARTICLE 23 – All life is sacred

Natural Law applies to all inhabitants of this planet and beyond.  This principle is innate within every sentient being. Therefore, all life must be engaged with love, respect and purpose, considering the role each of us plays in the overall ecosystem of our environment.

ARTICLE 24 – Humanity

Humanity (Mankind) as a whole is responsible for the well-being of all life on the planet. the planet and its inhabitants. Regardless of the manifestation, the Crown of the Originee Nation (Assembled governing body) must consider the consequences of their actions as they apply to the suv’eran, the planet and the individual hue-man experience. This consideration must always be weighed appropriately before any decision, direction, or guidance is presented as the Law of the Land. If the suv’eran follows Natural Law no other laws are needed.

ARTICLE 25 – Accurate Information

Public comprehension of accurate information is the cornerstone of a successful Te Kainga Ora Tumu (House of Order) [Government]. Those elected to present the suv’eran have an obligation to inform those they represent of the full scope of details, purpose, operation, and impact pertaining to any law, spending, project, or contributions. There must be a cause of action coupled with informed consent for any and all Te Kainga Ora Tumu (House of Order) [Government] activities. Laws and Taonga [bills] must be written and passed singly, without inclusion of other items, and must be written compactly in language understandable to a 5th grader.

ARTICLE 26 – Your Voice

The suv’eran must have a voice that represents their genuine interests. Elected Rangatira [officials] must be part of the community which they present. Rangatira [officials] agree by the acceptance of their election that they will conduct their public and private business in an ethical manner.

ARTICLE 27 – Media

The integrity of the news-related media must be established and maintained as a method of communication responsible to inform the collective. They are responsible to share the information they gain access to and are accountable to investigate the validity of their sources. The media should resemble a scientific process, pursuing evidence of theoretical or speculative information and refraining from drawing final conclusions until proof has been gathered. Their final report should reflect their thought process, methods of research, and reasons for their conclusions.

ARTICLE 28 – Environ

Food, water, soil, air, and aether are essential components of life on earth. It is a crime against humanity to alter these core components in any way that negatively affects hue-man vitality.  Companies, organizations, corporations, incorporations, government offices, and individuals currently involved with this type of activity will be immediately audited and their operations informed to cease and desist.

ARTICLE 29 – Spirit of the Law

Laws must be enforced always considering the spirit of the law over the letter of the law. All actions have natural consequences whether positive or negative. Peace men and women of law enforcement are responsible for the safety of the suv’eran they are charged to protect. They must be directed by the de jure Assemblies, and Committees of Safety.  Peace men and women Law Enforcement is required to uphold the Law of the Land and must be held to a high standard to restore the integrity of those who have previously held their positions. Sheriffs in local communities should establish community safety groups that are trained to identify dangerous situations and the appropriate responses to those situations. These Peace men and women are responsible for the Suv’eran whether on duty or off. They should be respected as the authority representing the laws that keep the suv’eran safe.

ARTICLE 30 – Assemblies

Assemblies must be formed by the suv’eran and have regular meetings that are open to the public. The core men and women for the State Assemblies are nominated and elected by other Assembly members. Each State Assembly is composed of representatives from the Marae & Whanau Sacred Circle Committees of Safety, but open to all suv’eran from any community within the national charter territories to contribute and participate.

ARTICLE 31 – Global Directorate Office

During this transitional period, our Crown of the Originee Nation Assemblies will report to the Global Directorate Office.  This will remain in force until such time the Assemblies and the Suv’eran are able to establish an organized operation respecting all-Natural Laws.

ARTICLE 32 – No Slavery

No one shall be held in slavery; slavery and the slave-trade in all their forms shall be prohibited. No one shall be held in servitude.

ARTICLE 33 – Malicious Acts Against Humanity

All malicious acts against humanity and nature must stop immediately or be punished by death. The original organic human genome and human DNA must remain pristine and untrammelled as it is the key to the evolution of humanity and many worlds. This includes but is not limited to the withholding of essential information necessary for suv’eran to intelligently decide about whether to use or not to use medical treatments, biological weapons being used in the water supply and pharmaceuticals, genetically modified farming, bioengineering of any kind, mind control usage of frequencies, withholding of known cures under the guise of protecting the economy, adrenochrome production (and/or using children for sexual exploitation in any way (including all forms of paedophilia), using humans for experimentation, extraction of and selling human body parts on earth or elsewhere for the purpose of greed.

ARTICLE 34 – All Incorporated and Corporate Government Organization are immediately terminated

Incorporated and Corporate Government Organization facilities will be locked immediately with all files and digital information secured within until a full investigation is conducted by the Global Intelligence Agency and release is approved by the National Committee of Safety.

ARTICLE 35 – Assembly Portfolios

  1. Administration Committee

  2. Communications Committee

  3. Justice & Law Committee

  4. Security & Defence - Peace Men and Women & Law Enforcement Committee

  5. Pa Kooti Committee

  6. Operation & Investigations Committee

  7. Book of Life Committee

  8. Spiritual Bridge International Relations Committee

  9. Universal Intelligence Committee

  10. Agreements & Charters Committee

  11. Kaiwhatu Energy Exchange Banking Charter Committee

  12. Treasury and Financial Control Committee

  13. True Potential Learning Model - Educational Development Committee

  14. Transport & Infrastructure Committee

  15. Water & Energy Resources Committee

  16. Te Whare – Housing Committee

  17. Health & Wellbeing Committee

  18. Manpower Committee

  19. Private Foundations - Project Management Committee

  20. Whanau Services Committee - Whaea, Wahine & Tamariki Committee

  21. Koro, Tane & Tamariki Committee

  22. Elderly & Abled - Needs Assessment Committee

  23. Environ Kainga - Nature Preservation and Protection Committee

  24. Kai, Tane and Tangaroa Committee

  25. Treasury Committee


ARTICLE 36 – Crown National Sacred Circle

When the Crown National Sacred Circle of Committees of Safety Assembles, they will have a general session and create breakout sessions where the various Core Activity Committees will present their obstacles, solutions and best practices in a collaborative effort to learn from each other. Committee will be responsible to report back to their Charter Assemblies and these suv’erans could be different at every Crown National Sacred Circle Meeting.

ARTICLE 37 – Freedom

The suv’eran recognize that there are things that exist that may be invisible, metaphysical, or immeasurable that have tangible thoughts. It is essential to respect this diversity as a reality that is part of the human experience to want to connect and comprehend our origins, powers latent within, and potential. Therefore suv’eran is free to communicate, observe, practice, participate, believe, or create any spiritual, energetic, or religious activity so long as it does not hurt others, incite violence, or violate the Natural and fundamental rights of the suv’eran. Regardless of the circumstances, these rights will always be protected without exception.

ARTICLE 38 – Self-governance

The Suv’eran are henceforth responsible to govern themselves and work peacefully towards common goals that empower and protect themselves, the planet, and all life on Earth. The purpose, meaning, and value of these things may be expressed and appreciated by anyone and everyone in different ways. These differences are an essential part that defines the human experience and although they have been used in the past to divide us, we will endeavour to use those same qualities to draw us closer together.