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S O V E R E I G N 
R A N G I H O U  
T R E A T Y 
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2014 Guardianship ratified & granted to Lady Crown Turikatuku III via TREATY


The Treaty is between :Maja-Jingki: Burra, Sovereign Queen of Gondwanaland And Lady Crown, Sovereign heir Paremata Rangihou Sovereign Nation and Embassy And Japanangka, Tribal Elder of Tribal Sovereign Nations of Gondwana Land And Hoori Harihona-Paerata, Tribal Elder of Patu Koraha Tribal Sovereign Nation Aotearoa, Justice of the Peace [Their Progeny], being the said Guardians and Knowledge Keepers of these said sacred lands, Retaining And Reserving All Rights To The Interpretation Of This Treaty.

This Treaty is  Pertaining to all Lands stated in the Notice of International Jurisdiction dated 8th September 2014 but not limited to Rangihou Reserve, 1A Morton Street, 2 Morton Street and Baludarri Wetlands Parramatta NSW 2150 [commonly known but incorrectly identified] which are rare national historical and sacred sites of significance. These said lands are sacred burial sites due to Massacres dating back to 1795 and the fact that these lands were gifted to King Te Ruki Kawiti 1811, by the Burramattagul King Corrangie, land that is now under International Jurisdiction, Owned by the Originee Sovereigns of the Lands, sanctioned by Lady Crown, Paremata Rangihou Sovereign Nation.

This Treaty Is To Protect The ‘Skin’ Marriage Lore’s of Creation and fertility - Spiral of Birth, Death and Rebirth, Sacred Lands, Waterways and Ancestral Remains Of The Burramattagul Originees and Maori Children of Maori Nga Puhi Chiefs Buried Within The lands under International Jurisdiction.

The Right and Privilege Is To Lady Crown and Her Progeny and of Paremata Rangihou Sovereign Nation Sovereign as the True Nga Puhi and Burramattagul Bloodline, Sovereign Guardian and Knowledge Keeper Of These Said Lands To Curate the Massacre and Burial Sites Over And Within The Rangihou and Baludarri Sacred Lands under International Jurisdiction. 

The Grant Of The Official Title Of “Authorized Curator/ Curatix” Is Given To Lady Crown and Her Progeny [Sovereign heir Kaitiaki and Knowledge Keeper] of Paremata Rangihou Sovereign Nation To Curate Thus Honour And Protect The Said Barramattagul Sacred Burial Sites and Mauri Nga Puhi Sacred Burial Sites From Any Harm Whatsoever And From Any And All Assumed Crown corporation entities including the Kingitanga Heirs and Successors of Nu Tireni, Aotearoa.

These sacred lands and burial sites are under the Jurisdiction of Skin ‘Marriage Lores, He Wakaputanga O te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni confirming our sovereignty to the land and the world. On This Day 7th Day of November 2014. Autographed by Sovereign Queen Jingki [Originee Sovereign] /western Australia, Japanangk [Originee Sovereign] Uluru, Hoori Harihona Paerata [Mauri Sovereign] Aotearoa and Lady Crown Turikatuku III [Mauri Sovereign & adopted Originee via Treaty] Rangihou.

Important: This Treaty could only be ratified by the True Crown, the Originee Sovereigns at the Time.

No one from the Darug or Burramarragal mobs held the status of True Crown, Originee Sovereign. 

The treaty was written for the land mass [Gondwanaland] and not Australia [Corporation].

Trustee & Beneficiaries were not invited to participate in the ratification of this Treaty as  they were not Originee Sovereigns [True Crown].


Annual - He Whakaputanga & Te Tiriti o Waitangi Ceremony

United Tribes Flag NZ 1835 Gifted to Japanangka, Jingki, Vic Simms, Mark McMurtrie as an International Protectorate for Originee.

The Originee & Mauri Sovereigns assemble at Rangihou on the 28th day of October every year to declare the Independence of their Nation, Paremata Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy, acknowledging the Embassy at Waitangi where He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni 1835 [Declaration of Independence] & Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 [The Treaty of Waitangi].

Paremata Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy has been formally recognised in writing by the Parramatta City Council and the NSW Police Commissioner.

​Under the 'Law of the Sea' [Statutory Jurisdiction] Rangihou Port to Waitangi Port, is protected under the International Protectorate, The United Tribes Flag 1835. Under the 'Law of the Land' Rangihou Embassy to Waitangi Embassy is protected under the International Protectorate, The United Tribes Flag 1835. Here lies the spiritual bridge for both Mauri and Originee Sovereigns.

This Embassy has no joinder or contract with corporate entities. The Rangihou Embassy is sovereign for Mauri.   The Waitangi Embassy is sovereign for Originee.